Tucson Speedway

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April 13- Fan Appreciation Night

April 13- Fan Appreciation Night

$5 Admission for Everyone! Kids 10 and under are free with a paying adult Gates Open at 5pm- Racing at 6:30pm

11/26/2021 - Tucson Speedway

11/26/2021 - Tucson Speedway

Tucson, AZ

14 entries

Vintage/Can-Am Sprints

A Feature 1 (20 Laps): 1. 27-Chris Schmelzle[10]; 2. 1G-Chris Ochs[8]; 3. 57-Levi Rose[9]; 4. 33P-Shawn Priest[4]; 5. 30-Kevin Ratel[5]; 6. 14-John Wills[6]; 7. 11-Bill Lawrence[7]; 8. 15-Pat Lawrence[3]; 9. 45-Bob Wills[2]; 10. 99-Jeff Cook[11]; 11. 17-Allan Levien[1]; 12. 67-Matt Stephenson[13]; 13. 33-Mike Stephens[12]

5 entries

Vintage Midgets

A Feature 1 (10 Laps): 1. 33-Mike Stephens[1]; 2. 38-Barry Adams[5]; 3. 34-Mike Schrum[3]; 4. 55-Mickey Schrum[4]; 5. 11-Craig Coleman[2]

Hot Shot Strip

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